The Discipline and Punish Podcast
The Discipline and Punish Podcast
E18: How Do Police Learn to Defend Themselves?: Exploring the State of Police Defensive Tactics (w/ Professor Jeremy Butler)

On this episode, Professor Butler and I discuss his research, his negative experience with police as a Black child growing up in Chicago, his martial arts and policing careers, his transition to academia, and the current state of police defensive tactics training in the United States.

Dr. Jeremy Butler is a newly minted Assistant Professor at Judson University in Illinois. He recently completed his PhD at the University of Illinois where he conducted research on police use of force training. Dr. Butler is also a full time police officer completing his last few shifts before transitioning to academia for good. In addition, Dr. Butler is a highly accomplished martial artist and draws on that expertise in both his work as a police officer and as an academic. His research interests include using a social cognitive framework to evaluate how physical training impacts performance and behavior. His area of focus is on police training, officer perceptions and performance in non-lethal force encounters. Twitter @JeremyButlerPhD 

Tom Baker has been a PhD student in UMSL’s Criminology and Criminal Justice program since 2017. Tom received his BA in Political Science from Arizona State University and worked as a police officer for approximately nine years. His research interests include police culture, use of force, and qualitative research methods.

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