It’s the Season 4 Finale! Aggrieved tales are in store, as our hosts discuss their preorder kerfluffle surrounding the Xbox Series X! And- what’s this about Season 5 and the new ongoing presence on the show known as “The Thirds”? Find out both in this episode and in 2021- ‘cuz that’s where we’re headed! Thank you for listening! Stay safe!

Recorded on Friday the 13th of November 2020, Los and Griff catch up on what’s gone down since Episode 50! The last three episodes of Lovecraft Country are finally discussed, as well as overall thoughts about the entire series! Also, there’s talk about this past Halloween, Lucky’s secret screening at Shudderfest, and much more! The season four finale looms!

Episode 50 looms! Before our hosts hit a milestone, they talk about Arrow’s new streaming service, Ms. Marvel’s casting for the Disney+ series, news about a Nightbreed series, a brief foray into the prospect of a CG Resident Evil series on Netflix, and take another trip back to Lovecraft Country. What else is in store? You’re going to have to press play!