It's Them Damn Enchiladas!: The Podcast
It's Them Damn Enchiladas!: The Podcast
Episode 72: Terrifier + Terrifier II

This week on episode 72 of It’s Them Damn Enchiladas: The Podcast, our hosts discuss TERRIFIER and TERRIFIER 2! What’s the difference between cult movies and movies you’re told are cult movies? Is there such a thing as taking a big swing too early in a franchise? Also, where the hell does the world of Art the Clown go in TERRIFIER 3? All this and more in our latest episode!

Episode 57, in which TERRIFIER was previously discussed:

Articles written by Catherine Corcoran:

“The Naked Truth About Nudity In Horror Films” –‚Ķ

“Terrifier, Too” –

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