Beyond Fear: The Sex Crimes Podcast
Beyond Fear: The Sex Crimes Podcast
E10: Once You See, You Can’t Unsee

In Episode 9, we covered the basis for sexual offense policies and the evolution of this legislation, including the public registry and residence restrictions. In our work, we often discuss the “collateral consequences” of these laws from an academic perspective. However, we felt it was important to give a voice to people who are living under these restrictions on a daily basis.

In Episode 10, “Once You See, You Can’t Unsee”, we speak to Amber and Jason. They co-host a podcast called “Amplified Voices” and are also two people who are directly impacted by sex offense legislation. For example, Jason discusses how difficult it was for him to find employment or travel to different states. Amber shares how the registry has impacted her children. It is important for people to understand that these laws impact their entire families in challenging ways.

In previous episodes, we have discussed the ineffectiveness of the public registry and other aspects of sex offense legislation as they related to the prevention of sexual violence. We have also discussed what prevents recidivism among individuals that have been convicted of sexual offenses. This episode ties all of these threads together and, from a personal perspective, reiterates that the consequences of these laws create an environment that keep people from building community bonds, accessing jobs, and stable housing.  

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Amber and Jason can be contacted on Twitter @amberspeaksup and @endtheregistry.

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