Beyond Fear: The Sex Crimes Podcast
Beyond Fear: The Sex Crimes Podcast
E4: The Many Reasons Why

In Episode 4: The Many Reasons Why, Alexa and Alissa breakdown some of the various reasons why people commit acts of child sexual abuse and rape. It might come as a surprise, but there is not one reason why these kinds of offenses happen. In order to prevent future sex crimes from happening and to ensure that people who do sexually offend get the help they need, it is crucial that we understand the factors that lead to offending behavior in the first place.

In this episode, we bust some myths about sexual offending and provide some insight into the complex nature of sexual offending. We discuss paraphilias, cognitive distortions, grooming behavior, opportunities, adverse childhood experiences, and rape myths, among other factors.

Here are two infographics that explain some of the various cognitive distortions.

This might be a difficult episode to listen to, as we talk about these factors in an open and non-judgemental way. We recognize how hard this can be and suggest listening with care. It is okay to listen in short chunks, listen with friend, or tune out completely.

For a transcript of The Many Reasons Why, please click here.

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