Untenured Tracks
Untenured Tracks
E38: Applied Gaming and Gaming as Therapy (w/ Dr. Megan Connell, Amelia Herbst, Peter Jung & Jamie Flecknoe)

This week, I talk to Dr. Megan Connell (Geeks Like Us), Amelia Herbst (Geeks Like Us), Peter Jung (Roll for Kindness), and Jamie Flecknoe (Roll Play Lead) about their experiences using video games and Dungeon & Dragons in their therapeutic, counseling, skills development, and leadership work with adolescents.

You can follow Dr. Connell on Twitter @MeganPsyD and on the web at MeganPsyD.com

You can follow Amelia on Twitter @wanderingshrink

You can hear both of their work on the Brain Noodles podcast & on Geeks Like Us at twitch.tv/g33kslikeus

You can follow Jamie on Twitter @Rosey_Games and on the web at rollplaylead.org

You can follow Peter on Twitter @RollForKindness and on the web at rollforkindness.com

As always, you can follow the show at @UntenuredTracks

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