The Discipline and Punish Podcast
The Discipline and Punish Podcast
E8: The Power of the American Sheriff (w/ Mirya Holman)

On this episode, Professor Mirya Holman and I discuss the powerful role of the Sheriff in U.S. culture and politics. We talk about immigration, constraints on police administrators, the future of elected law enforcement officials, and the role of sheriffs in managing Covid-19 and ending mass incarceration.   

Professor Holman’s research interests focus on women and politics, local politics, research methods, and environmental politics. Their book, Women in Politics in the American City (Temple University Press) examines the effect of the female mayors and city council members on urban politics. Currently they are researching gender and political ambition, how local politics change when cities encounter financial distresses, the role of religious beliefs in political attitudes and actions, gender and the 2016 election, and the pathways to political office. Holman is an Associate Professor at Tulane University.

Tom Baker has been a PhD student in UMSL’s Criminology and Criminal Justice program since 2017. Tom received his BA in Political Science from Arizona State University and worked as a police officer for approximately nine years. His research interests include police culture, use of force, and qualitative research methods.


Kurtz, D. L., & Upton, L. L. (2018). The gender in stories: How war stories and police narratives shape masculine police culture. Women & criminal justice, 28(4), 282-300.

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