The Discipline and Punish Podcast
The Discipline and Punish Podcast
E4: Race, Class and Cannabis (w/ Bobby Boxerman)

On this episode, Bobby Boxerman and I discuss the role race and class play in shaping cannabis laws. What role did these forces play in making the plant illegal, in enforcing the laws, and in the current wave of legalization? We also talk about Bobby’s engineering background and the future of academia in the age of coronavirus. To help guide the discussion, Bobby requested I read a law journal article by Steven Bender ahead of time. Follow the link below for a free copy of the article. 

Bobby Boxerman is a graduate student in UMSL’s Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice. He plans to spend next year studying at Leiden University in the Netherlands before returning to UMSL to complete his PhD. His main areas of interests include cannabis regulation and human trafficking.

Tom Baker has been a PhD student in UMSL’s Criminology and Criminal Justice program since 2017. Tom received his BA in Political Science from Arizona State University and worked as a police officer for approximately nine years. His research interests include police culture, use of force, and qualitative research methods.…


Bender, S. W. (2016). The colors of cannabis: Race and marijuana. UCDL Rev., 50, 689.…

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